About us.

Who we are.

Virtual Roadworks was established in early 2015 as Traffic Management Company like no other. It's Director Wolfgang Rice who has been in Traffic Management for over 20 years wanted to look into areas of the Temporary Traffic Management Industry previously unexplored.
Temporary Traffic Management in Ireland has grown and developed fast over the last 10 years, the industry is alive and well and as new technology and developments are created, the industry can be quick to embrace them.

Virtual Roadworks is a company specializing in new things that no-one has to give unique solutions to its clients. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, TM Apps - Software Management systems, 3D visualizations and much more are part of the tools Virtual Roadworks use to give its clients the leading edge in the Roadworks industry.
Virtual Roadworks successfully completed providing consultancy and developed all the illustrations to latest Chapter 8, Operation and Design Manual's 2019 edition. It also developed all the illustrations and animations for H&S at Roadworks, SLG, Highspeed Operative, Mobile, IPV and Supervisor, Inspection and Audit and both Design Courses 2019 edition. It's also the main supplier and trainer for Operatives on the entire Motorway Network in Ireland.

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