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Audit and Inspection Course

Training Aim

To train Audit and Inspectors wishing to Audit and Inspect Temporary Traffic Management of Level 1,2 and 3 Roads.

What you will learn

  • Method of carrying out Inspections –  Including safe operating procedure for the Inspector.

  • Know the elements of a TTM Layout, list what needs to be covered in the inspection.

  • Know the equipment used for each road level and the standards which apply to the equipment.

  • Categorise Inspection Items/Non Compliances.

  • Understand the requirements for carrying a TTM Audit and be able to audit the TTM arrangement, policies and procedures with a organisation.

Training Award

Accredited Level 5 Special Purpose Award.

Duration of Course:

2  days

2 x day in the classroom

Expiry Period 

5 years


Renewal method: Full classroom + Exam.

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