Training Course

High Speed Mobile Lane Closure (MLC) Course

Course Title:

Level 3 Roads High Speed Mobile Lane Closure Operative (MLC)

Training Aim:

To train and assess Supervisors working on Level 3 Roads ( Dual Carriageway and Motorway of 80km/h to 120km/h) in the safe operation of Mobile Lane Closures.
This will enable them to become a competent member of the TTM Team when working on Level 3 Roads.

Course will equip learners with:

  • Knowledge of where to access the relevant information, design standards, and guidance material.
  • Ability to operate, monitor and communicate correctly when conducting a MLC.
  • Ability to part of Rolling Road Blocks.
  • Ability to monitor traffic and understand how to react safely to traffic.

Training Award:

Accredited Level 5 Special Purpose Award.

Duration of Course:

3 days:

  • 2 x day in the classroom
  • 1 x day onsite assessment

Expiry Period:

5 years.

Renewal method:

Full classroom + Exam.

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