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Roadworks Auditing

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Why Audit?

  • Ensure TTM Operations are beeing managed safely
  • Ensure Compliance with Organisational Policies and Procedures
  • Helps to Standardise good practice

What to Audit?

  • A TTM installation from the perspective of the road user
  • Compliance with statutory requirements - road closures, speed limit orders, etc.
  • TTM Documentation - SOP's, method statements, TTMP
  • The Organisational Policies and Procedures for TTM


  • Guideline frequency as per table below.
  • Inspection aspect as per guidance on inspections.
<12 hours Random Single
>12 hours <1 month 10% Single
1 month to 6 months 50% Single
6 months to 1 year 100% Two
>1 year 100% Quarterly

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