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About our software

Our system isn't designed for construction operators, it's designed by construction operators.

Scalable solution to suit your business needs.

We can supply a standardized system for the planning, recording, checking and review/analysis of works across the wide range of activities people undertake.

  • Our process-based software offers the most cost-effective solution and is designed to integrate into, and streamline your existing work-flows
  • Our expertise and cloud based IT solution uses Dashboard (computer) and Mobile App (android tablet/phone) interfaces, easily understood by users
  • Data is automatically synced without the need for any user action
  • Our built-in templates, risk assessments and standard operating procedures/TM plans meet the latest Irish Construction and traffic management regulations
  • Our design principles provide for a clean, graphically driven interface that is intuitively understood by the user
  • Forms can have "wet signatures" meaning operatives can use their own signatures on the form

Software Features

Our software meets the latest Irish Construction and Traffic Management regulations out of the box.

Creative Design

Enable users to access shared resources or specific forms. Streamline paperwork to who needs it.

Geo-Location Features

The app can do more than just record exactly where you are. It can offer useful features based on your location.

Interactive Content

All forms built into the App can be tailor-made to current documentation. Forms can be controlled and updated across all devices.

Data Backup

All the collected data is Automatically Backed up every 24 hours, which give you peace of mind.

Security and GDPR ready

For GDPR, only minimum identification data is held for users (business contact email and business contact phone).

Scalability and Tailoring

Our unique management engine has been designed by industry experts to seamlessly integrate into real-world construction practice.


App Golden Rules

  • App works offline and online
  • Data is secure
  • No 3rd Party
  • Data Auto Syncs to Database

Dashboard Golden Rules

  • The Dashboard has access to all registered Users Data and displays the data fast, in real time and specific to that login user
  • The Dashboard can control a users App access or lock out the user remotely (in real time)
  • Website uses same real-time database as App does.
  • Dashboard has feature to download entire database into excel sheets
forms filled

Software Integrity and Security

  • User profile set up to access feature sets
  • Highest level security servers
  • Instant lockout feature
  • Nightly back-up
  • XML export to on-site servers

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  • +353 (0) 879 571868

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